LOTTARE 800099 B&B Series Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Bar Sink

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The Lottare Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Bar Sink is an ideal choice for modern, functional kitchens. This bar sink is easy to install in your kitchen and an easy addition to your home. It has an undermount style and it features a stainless steel material. The durable stainless steel design will hold up over the years while maintaining its sleek and elegant appearance. It also has a brushed nickel finish, which adds another element of craftsmanship to its design. Featuring pressed construction, this bar sink will last as your kitchen's centerpiece, and it will give you an ideal place to clean your glass and cups.

Product Specs

Style:Under Mount
Steel Thickness: 18 Gauge
Exterior Dimensions:  18.5" x 15" x 7"
Interior dimensions: 16.5" x 13"
Construction: Pressed
Weight: 10 lbs
Material:304 Stainless Steel
Rust-Free Warranty: Life Time
Finish: Brush
Certification: cUPC
Recyclable: 100%
Optional Accessories: bottom grids, cutting board, strainer, colander
UPC Code: 687927076822

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 18.5 × 15 × 7 in

Stainless Steel, Solid Gray, Rose gold