LOTTARE 700112 GRANITALI Single Bowl Undermount Granite Composite Kitchen Sink

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The LOTTARE 700112 GRANITALI Single Bowl Under mount Granite Composite Kitchen Sink is a large all-purpose sink, which is capable of handling every requirement of a busy family kitchen, including the messes. Overall measuring 33" x 22" x 9.25" the composite granite sink is a beautiful matte and looks incredibly stylish with its under mount or top mount fit. The durable material means that it will last for generations, yet the sleek and simplistic modern design means that it will look as current as the day it was installed. The total weight of the sink is 45 lbs meaning that it is sturdy and strong.

Product Specs

Style: Under Mount, Top Mount
Exterior Dimensions: 32" x 22" x 9"
Interior Dimensions: 30" x 17"
Construction: Pressed
Weight: 55 lbs
Material:Granite Composite
Finish: Matte
Certification: N/A
Recyclable: 100%
Available color:Black/Brown/Giallo/Solid Gray/White
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Additional information

Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 22 × 9 in

Grown, Giallo, Black, Solid Gray, White