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Statement-making kitchen faucets.

Discover award-winning styles from traditional to modern.

Statement-making kitchen faucets.

Discover award-winning styles from traditional to modern.

Think beyond the basics, find your perfect sink.

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– Why Choose Lottare –

LOTTARE founded when He and Co-Owner began his kitchen and bath remodeling business, and was disappointed by the lack of selection available for kitchen and bath products. It wasn’t until over a decade later when Lottare founder moved to the USA that he decided to launch LOTTARE to bring quality products to the masses.

The foundation for LOTTARE has always been an unwavering dedication to creating and providing exceptional, high quality bathroom and kitchen products. Right from the start, our founder and his partners have dedicated their energy, passion, and time to building a business that provides only the highest quality engineering experience along with outstanding design. Their dedication to providing premium, luxurious kitchen and bath products has been the basis of our growth as one of the leading businesses in the industry.

Today, we focus on customer feedback and industry-leading design trends to stock our inventory. We carefully select items that represent not only the best the kitchen and bath industry has to offer, but also brands that represent our core beliefs in the environment and design.

When customers purchase a LOTTARE product, not only do they receive style and functionality, but they also can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they have purchased a superior product that represents their own values. Whether it’s a premium kitchen faucet, or a sleek new frameless shower door, each of our products is governed by timeless style and world-class sophistication.

Our constant dedication to be the best and offer the best drives us to stay at the forefront of technology. We do this by reviewing new and existing products in our selection to guarantee they always meet the highest environmental and quality standards, including the EPA’s WaterSense program and IAPMO certifications. We keep a strict watch on the dialogue between our customers and partners to ensure we always provide the best and exceed expectations.

Our complete immersion into the industry’s leading brands and manufacturers gives us the upper hand in delivering the finest luxury kitchen and bath products. Our firm belief in perfecting the style durability, and functionality of products in our niche is well worth the investment of our time when the result is a lifetime customer.

As immigrants and as individuals who have a deep reverence for the environment, we bring exceptional products to the world’s leading retail brands and individuals. Our drive to continuously improve our brand and customer service is unshakable. We’re so thankful you’re joining us on our journey today, and we look forward to providing you with reliable, high quality products for many more years to come.