8 Kitchen Remodel Trends You Don’t Want to Overlook!

8 Kitchen Remodel Trends You Don’t Want to Overlook!

Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen this year? If so, you’ll definitely want to read up on the hot trends taking over the kitchen remodeling niche.

At Lottare, we’re excited to see how design trends dictate buying trends, but what we’re more interested in is seeing how you decide to change your kitchen. Check out these 8 kitchen remodel trends before you invest in any kitchen products this year.

Stainless Steel is In—But Keep it Low Key

Metal is a key design feature in kitchens this year. Despite being a popular metal, stainless steel will change from being front and center to a background feature. You might even see details like bronze faucets and metallic hoods. Think accent instead of focal point, with your stainless steel metal features.

Open Kitchens

Open kitchens have recently become popular with home builders, and homeowners are now starting to join in on the fun. Contractors often find themselves knocking down walls for consumers who want to see well into their kitchen. Consider this trend if you want to encourage family time, but be sure to keep the small details like cabinetry in mind when you do.

Au Natural Color

Gone are the days of bright yellow kitchens (thank goodness). 2017 is all about muted, natural hues that blend seamlessly into a variety of appliances and metals themes. Whether you add a coat of paint to your cabinetry or want to switch the color on your walls, go with natural hues to stay on trend.

Quartz is In!

For a good long while Quartziano has offer quartz products, and we’re happy to say that 2017 will be the year for quartz. It will become the hottest countertop material, closely followed by granite. Even in our store we’ve noticed a significant uptick in quartz product purchases. Check out our selection to find something perfect for your new kitchen.

Mixed Hardware Finishes

Forget about the monochromatic stainless steel design features. Homeowners in 2017 are opting for appliances and accessories that have mixed metal hardware fixtures. An eclectic, but wholly unique kitchen, is the final result.

Hidden Appliances

No more industrial appliances. 2017 will have homeowners searching for hidden appliances that easily blend into their overall design theme. They provide the perfect added touch for your kitchen, without forcing you to spend tons of money on massive stainless steel appliances.

Diverse Kitchen Lighting

No more recessed lighting or overhead kitchen lamps. Homeowners are now reaching for complex lighting arrangements that are 100% original. Natural lighting is always highly sought after, but bringing the outdoors in with unique lighting is all the rage. Think lit up cabinetry and series light fixtures. Those will lead the way in 2017.

Beverage Counters

More families are creating kitchens that are designed to entertain. This means integrating unique features like beverage centers. Keep your family and friends happy with a brand new beverage center that has everything you need to entertain the right way.

Wrapping it Up

No matter what design trend resonates most with you, our team at Lottare can help you identify the perfect item to complement your vision. Whether you need  Granite composite sinks or are opting for something more muted, we can help. Make this the year you get the kitchen of your dreams, and use these trends as a jumping off point for your ideas. 

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