LOTTARE is a cutting-edge kitchen and bath company that manufacturers breathtaking, uniquely elegant kitchen and bathroom products. 

We are a team of individuals who firmly believe in putting our customer's first. Since 2005, we have dedicated our business and time to pursuing the best materials and products in the industry. Our name LOTTARE embodies our belief and focus. We passionately pursue beautiful, luxurious, and well-made products that represent our fighting-spirit to make our company a shining beckon among the kitchen and bath product industry. 

Our ceaseless determination to bring our customers cleaner, safer water is also incomparable. We do this by investing in innovative new materials and designs that represent this goal. We focus on the big picture—without sacrificing the details. 

No matter what size project you are attempting to tackle, we can help. Our selection of industry leading products is second to none. We partner with exceptional companies to bring you the very best kitchen and bath products available. Our inspired collection of high quality sinks, faucets and accessories is designed to complement any space. Whether you know precisely what you need to complete your kitchen renovation, or need inspiration to set the theme for your new bathroom, LOTTARE has what you need. 

On top of our exceptional kitchen and bath designs, we also stay conscious of our role in the environment. Water conservation is one of our core values. We use water for countless activities in our daily lives, and our vision is to create a world where world-class design and water conservation merge. One where homeowners don't have to sacrifice beauty for eco-friendliness. One where every faucet and every product is created to benefit the space it's in beyond just aesthetics. Our selection reflects this vision and our customers reap the rewards. 

Our commitment to style, luxury, and water conservation separate us from industry norms. We are driven to find solutions that benefit both our customers and the environment. Our products perfectly complement the space they're in while also focusing on the bigger picture—quality, function, and safety. We demand more than luxury and world-class style. We demand quality, only the highest, for each product we offer in our selection. We demand it because we want the best for you—no matter what you're looking for. 

For the best sinks, faucets, and accessories on the market, choose LOTTARE.  

 — Mission Statement —

At LOTTARE, our mission is simple—to create a better everyday life for our customers and neighbors. Our mission and vision guide our company and have positioned us as one of the leading manufacturers of kitchen and bath products in the United States. 

As purveyors of one of the world's finite resources, water, we take our role as luxury bath and kitchen product suppliers seriously. We embody our mission by delivering quality built products that you can't find elsewhere. 

Our Mission—

Clean Water Access


     Our Mission—

Premium Products


     Our Mission—

Customer Service


Functionality, safety, and quality are non-negotiable for our team. Our business goals to provide a wide range of well-designed, premium quality kitchen and bath products are coupled with a keen understanding of the importance of clean water access on a global scale.

Our deep commitment to the highest business ethics motivate us to source our materials only from businesses who share our values. Together we fight for clean water access worldwide and luxurious materials our customers can appreciate.



While our larger mission is to aid individuals around the world to achieve clean water access, our business mission hones in on the details. We do this by carefully selecting the finest faucets, sinks, and accessories that are both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious.

Each item in our selection is designed to deliver a luxurious finish, dependability, and advanced-technology. No matter if you're seeking premium bathroom shower stalls or advanced kitchen faucets, you can guarantee we deliver the finest products available. 

The quality of our products is only a part of our mission, however. The third and final element is our service.


By demanding the ultimate in kitchen and bath products available, we set the tone for the level of service we demand of our team. Our mission is to create the best business relationship with our customers possible. Trust and integrity are critical elements of what we do, and by serving your needs with gratitude today we can hope to serve you even better tomorrow.

A passion for innovation, clean water access, premium quality products and second-to-none customer care separates us from the pack and empowers us to see our mission through. In each transaction, phone call, and email we strive to live this mission. Serving our customers remains at the forefront of who we are and what we do as a company—and we hope you'll get to experience this service one-on-one by choosing LOTTARE. 

— Why Choose Lottare 

LOTTARE founded when He and Co-Owner began his kitchen and bath remodeling business, and was disappointed by the lack of selection available for kitchen and bath products. It wasn't until over a decade later when Lottare founder moved to the USA that he decided to launch LOTTARE to bring quality products to the masses. 

The foundation for LOTTARE has always been an unwavering dedication to creating and providing exceptional, high quality bathroom and kitchen products. Right from the start, our founder and his partners have dedicated their energy, passion, and time to building a business that provides only the highest quality engineering experience along with outstanding design. Their dedication to providing premium, luxurious kitchen and bath products has been the basis of our growth as one of the leading businesses in the industry.

Today, we focus on customer feedback and industry-leading design trends to stock our inventory. We carefully select items that represent not only the best the kitchen and bath industry has to offer, but also brands that represent our core beliefs in the environment and design. 

When customers purchase a LOTTARE product, not only do they receive style and functionality, but they also can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they have purchased a superior product that represents their own values. Whether it's a premium kitchen faucet, or a sleek new frameless shower door, each of our products is governed by timeless style and world-class sophistication. 

Our constant dedication to be the best and offer the best drives us to stay at the forefront of technology. We do this by reviewing new and existing products in our selection to guarantee they always meet the highest environmental and quality standards, including the EPA's WaterSense program and IAPMO certifications. We keep a strict watch on the dialogue between our customers and partners to ensure we always provide the best and exceed expectations. 

Our complete immersion into the industry's leading brands and manufacturers gives us the upper hand in delivering the finest luxury kitchen and bath products. Our firm belief in perfecting the style durability, and functionality of products in our niche is well worth the investment of our time when the result is a lifetime customer. 

As immigrants and as individuals who have a deep reverence for the environment, we bring exceptional products to the world's leading retail brands and individuals. Our drive to continuously improve our brand and customer service is unshakable. We're so thankful you're joining us on our journey today, and we look forward to providing you with reliable, high quality products for many more years to come.

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